Burger King’s new BOMB campaign blows up and shows a lack of taste

Burger King has always had a terrible reputation for creative. Their new advert damages the brand yet further and stretches the limits of taste to the limit.

In the context of North Korea and South Korea/The United States of America’s nuclear sabre rattling Burger King have decided to create this advert.

Yes that is a nuclear bomb going off. Why? You might well ask.

Burger King have decided to create a campaign called BOMB and match the “creative idea” with an illustration of a nuclear bomb, not just any bomb, a nuclear bomb going off.

Why BOMB? Well if you follow the “creative” (and I really do use this word loosely) through they actually get BOMB from Bacon for B, Onion for O, Chips for….(no they couldn’t fit C into BOMB so they didn’t use the letter C), Mayo for M, BBQ Sauce for B not BS for BOMBS or something else being with BS which is what this advert is.

And people wonder why creatives’ often get a bad reputation when you see work like this you do wonder what was going through the creative and marketing people’s head. What was the brief? What was the brainstorm like? How on earth did they come up with this?

I am not sure where this was created, I assume it’s a global campaign and therefore created in the US. Maybe they are oblivious to what is going on in the world. Maybe because Korea v’s Korea is foreign news and US channels are notorious for only showing domestic news that the creative who designed this didn’t know what was going on….maybe they are just stupid and lack any imagination….

As the enclosed cartoon was in the New York Times i don’t think this can be the case which just shows that the advert was created through ignorance and laziness.

As I live in Singapore and this was a full page advert in the free Today newspaper and Korea v’s Korea has been a hot topic of conversation, it was actually front page news on the day this advert went in and TV news have been featuring it non-stop I am amazed that the Singapore/Asian office ran this advert.

It’s insensitive, tasteless and does nothing for the brand whatsoever. It merely demonstrates how far ahead from a creative, brand and product perspective their competitors are.