Is facebook better than sex?

Every week there is a new survey which disproves one theory on social media while throwing up another.

In the last couple of weeks two have revealed that facebook  doesn’t lead to on line sales, email is much more effective and another that facebook  followers prefer social media updates to having sex (they’re clearly doing it wrong…..).

In the first survey commissioned by Forrester the main findings are that facebook hardly registers at all as a source for new or repeat sales. How do they know? Forrester worked with ecommerce technology provider GSI Commerce to track 77,000 purchasing paths prior to completing a purchase on line.

The conclusion was that although people say they find out about products on facebook this knowledge does not instantly lead them to click through to purchase that product on line. Basically they say facebook is not a direct sales route.

Therefore if you’re spending you’re money on facebook and expecting an instant return think again, sites like Pinterest appear to have more retail engagement and lead to more sales.

However sites like facebook, the report concludes do help amplify a brand’s product which could eventually lead to sales.  Facebook may not be wanting to start charging on a CPA basis anytime soon.

33% of shoppers use at least two on line touch points from search, display, email and visiting previously trusted sites before deciding to buy. Interestingly new customers have the fewest routes to purchase.

They put a product into the web and either go directly to the store site (20%), use organic search (16%) or paid search (11%), click through and buy immediately.

Revealingly the survey reports that email, that long overlooked on line communications tool, is the most effective tool for driving repeat sales.

60% of people bought either as a direct or indirect result of receiving an email about a product/brand that they had bought before.  So it may be time to focus your budget on email not facebook if you want to drive direct on sales in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Facebook has though taken over from sex it seems, and this applies to boys and girls according to a new survey by the University of Chicago Booth School . So expect to see the birth rates plummet in facebook obsessed countries.

It could be one of the reasons that Singapore, which has the highest use of facebook per capita also has the lowest birth rate in the world. The Singapore government should be looking at this and not trying to get people to marry if they want to change this around. There is no evidence that marriage leads to babies in Singapore and yet all the policies in Singapore are pro-marriage rather than pro-passion. I know which one leads to babies….sorry I digress…….

Apparently researchers found that checking tweets, updates, photos etc was more addictive and desired than sex.  Respondents were all ages and used smartphones to respond and unbelievably the pull of social media was greater than the pull for sex (if you excuse the phrase…).

  • Mark Griffiths

    Is sex better than Facebook? Ah, that’s a different question.