Music brands tune up for xmas battle

I love this time of year for new music releases. Some of the best and worst new releases come out for the largest buying/downloading season of all, xmas.

Green Day, The Killers, Mumford and Sons and the mighty Muse have all just released powerful albums dying to get your attention – without the benefit of any reality shows, just passionate and wonderful guitar orientated rock.

These guys all play everything, write everything and are the genuine rock bands who can play as great live as they sound in the studio.

So far the disappointment is The Killers who seem to have hit their peak and are rapidly declining in quality and popularity.  “Flesh and Bone” and “Miss Atomic Bomb” are the outstanding tracks on an otherwise poor album. I do giggle everytime I see the enclosed newspaper front page though……

Green Day have returned with a back to basics album that will please their core fans but probably not many others.  Some catchy songs ripped to the bones but nothing especially memorable. If this is the best of the three albums that they are releasing the other two are in serious trouble.

On the up are the amazing Mumford and Sons. Three of itunes top 10 albums are by them (two of the new release Babel).

They are a love ‘em or hate ‘em kind of band. Are they rock? Are they folk? What is clear is that they produce some of the best cross-over music you will ever hear and they combine the multi instrument sound with dark and gritty lyrics to get you going, chilling and haunting melodies mixed with incredible wall of sound crescendos.

There are some gripping, uplifting and spine tingling tracks on the new album which is far more commercial than the previous breakthrough one “Sigh No More”. “I will wait” is a cracking song as is “Hopeless Wanderer”, “Holland Road”, the breathtaking “Broken Crown” and “The Boxer”. I defy anyone to listen to the quality of the sound, the musical abilities, the emotion and the words and not be impressed.

But even they are being blown away by the incredibly theatrical and OTT Muse who have returned with a blisteringly powerful and dramatic new album all about the world’s failing economy, dire eco-system, increasing crime and the desperate nature of life in a dark place. They obviously have never been to Singapore!

Muse have used YouTube especially well to preview the new album with selected tracks including my favourite “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” . Combined with “Follow Me” and “Liquid State” the unreleased tracks are actually better than the current single “Mystery”.

Let battle rock!