Gaming and film action brands blow up things together

Being sophisticated enough to know that working together with another potentially competitive brand to target a similar audience than being precious and working apart is harder than it seems.

It takes enlightened thinking and an ability to realize than consumers have choice and that they buy into synergistic brands.

Electronic Arts (EA) and Sony have created a very cool and very brand aligned marketing partnership for this autumn’s gaming and film push.

“Zero Dark Thirty”, the new Sony film about the killing of Osama Bin Laden will be promoted in the Electronic Arts game “Medal of Honor Warfighter” with a couple of downloadable maps.

The game is unleashed in October with the new content being available in the same week as the film’s release in December.  This gives the game an extra marketing push around the most competitive time of the year after its initial hype and publicity drive.

Last year the Navy Seals film “Act of Valor” was promoted in the gaming website “Battlefield 3” with viewers who watched the trailerable to download dog tags for their character to wear in the game. The two companies EA and Relativity saw the benefit it working together to target action obsessed gamers and film goers with a very brand savvy brand alliance that benefits both brands.

As well as promoting MOHW in Battlefield3  EA are giving away a beta version of Battlefield 4 with all pre-orders, although you have to wait until August 2013 to play it…..

MOHW know that they will have a battle royale with Call of Duty: Black Ops II amongst many other war/action/gun focused games unleashed before xmas and are looking at all marketing advantages including partnerships to gain marketing ground in the ultimate war, the battle for the xmas dollar…..