JW Marriott lead the way in creating hotel brand partnerships

JW Marriott appear to be true innovators and trend setters when it comes to creative brand partnerships.

From art on the wall to bathroom amenities, magazines to shower gel JW have created brand partnerships with particular synergistic brand partners.

The JW Marriott Brand Partnerships program was launched in 2011 as a way to bring a bit more “lifestyle” into the guest experience.

Using everyday concepts that  guests use at home,  JW Marriott created strategic partnerships with leading luxury brands in nutrition, culinary, art, culture, and wellness. The purpose, according to JW Marriott, was to “enrich the luxury experiences” that are relevant in guests’ every day lives.

From one-of-a-kind Indian silk bed throws to aromatherapy-scented foot wipes JW believes that individual brand experience enhancements bring a unique aspect to a guest’s visits which they will enjoy subtly. For example JW Marriott will launch a new line of bath amenities with Aromatherapy Associates that will mean that all hotels will have the product line in rooms by year-end.

A leader in the world’s art business, Christie’s and JW Marriott have partnered to give art a prominent place in hotels. The partnership will include “What Not To Miss Guides”, which will provide JW Marriott guests with information on Christie’s favorite museums, galleries, restaurants, nightlife and shopping in cities worldwide including London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai and Chicago.

JW Marriott partnered with the boutique Etude Wines to give customers access to New World wine. The partnership will include everything from hosting wine makers for exclusive dinners at JW Marriott properties, to on-property wine programs for guests like food pairings and tastings. This kind of brand partnership enhances a guests’ stay and creates fantastic word of mouth, crucial on websites such as TripAdvisor for uninformed customer decisions.

In addition the corporate partnerships mentioned above, the JW Marriott brand is also working with experts like Keri Glassman and Dr. Pamela Peeke to provide guests with tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling. You’ll find everything from new room service menus to wellness retreats and turndown cards suggesting helpful mantras for living a healthier life.

JW appear to have thought of everything and if you don’t think they have then I am sure that they have a team of people who are looking at it! They are clearly focused on staying ahead of the game and have put brand partnerships as central to marketing communications and as a crucial and very innovative point of difference.