LinkedIn connects the world

Linkedin connects globally and locally.....

I have just celebrated 5,000 connections on LinkedIn and it has changed my life in a very positive way.

I first came to Asia in 2009 and moved here permanently in 2010. I arrived with no confirmed job but through LinkedIn was offered two then a third which I still currently enjoy.  None of which were advertised. All were gained through LinkedIn.

I knew virtually no one in Asia but soon built up contacts and connections through meeting people virtually on LinkedIn and then subsequently in real life or on Skype who then recommended other people on LinkedIn and so it began…..

I then began to truly realise the enormous potential that LinkedIn has if you work at it and make it work for you. I arrived with 300 connections, I now have over 5,000. I unleashed the power of LinkedIn and it repaid me aplenty.

We had a handful of local clients at my current agency when I arrived but now have dozens of blue chip global brands – 90% of whom have come through connecting on LinkedIn first.

It works. It works more than anything else. Purely from an ROI point of view it’s the best value business development targeted marketing you can possibly get.

Asia Pacific is vast. It contains two thirds of the world’s populations. It contains the two countries with over a billion people in. It includes many more with over or nearly a 100 million people in from Japan to Indonesia and Vietnam not far behind on 90 million.

There isn’t the time and efficiency in visiting people in every country from China to Australia, Philippines to Thailand that our clients

linkedIn v's facebook - i choose linkedIn....but haven't yet had the tattoo done......

cover. LinkedIn brings everyone close and then Skype/conference calls can do the rest.

I am not paid by LinkedIn in case you wondered. Many people do as I rave about it freely because evidence and experience has shown me that it works.

It does indeed create connections across the globe that produce the ultimate in partnership marketing. Shared business objectives, you always learn something from connecting with someone on LinkedIn. Always.

I have my entire team here in Singapore signed up on LinkedIn accounts because people and relationships are what we’re all about.

There is no better place to connect with business in mind. I would heartily recommend it to you!

  • Tracey Richardson

    Your post is most encourgaing Chris. I’ve just embarked on a concerted effort to really make Linkedin work for me as an independent consultant. The days of cold calling are long gone and strange as it may seem I believe personal contacts are even more important in the digital age than ever before.       

    • ChrisJReed

      I totally agree Tracey and through LinkedIn you can enhance those relationships, create new ones and really build up an empathy and rapport with potential and actual clients that you could never do on the phone, you have to see it as a creative environment and not a hard sales one though…..