Is Pepsi flogging a dead horse?

The news that Pepsi is creating a brand partnership with Michael Jackson’s estate makes me wonder if Pepsi have completely run out of marketing ideas.

Really, you want to create a Pepsi can brand partnership featuring another dead pop star  to sell more product? I know your sales are declining but really is this the answer?

Pepsi sponsored the Bad Tour in the 80’s. Yep that’s the connection! A new memorial can to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bad album is being launched on American Memorial Day which is both insensitive and bizarre.

Why Bad? Why not Thriller? Why not the Greatest Hits? Why not some of his other terrible albums? And why launch is on Memorial Day? More known for remembering fallen soldiers…are the equating Jackson with soldiers sent needlessly to Iraq or Afghanistan?

Infamously Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire filming, you guessed it, a Pepsi advert? I guess that won’t be mentioned in the PR and hype around this!

Even though Pepsi are sponsoring X-Factor in the US to try and get closer to a music association they only did this because they saw the success that Coca Cola had with their ongoing sponsorship of the more popular American Idol. Where’s the original brand partnership and sponsorship marketing here Pepsi?

Mmm Pepsi, a black panther and Michael Jackson with one arm bandaged.....sounds like a start of a joke....

  • Martin Ballantine

    2 days late for this announcement surely?  Poptastically mental. 

  • ChrisJReed

    I’m a blogger not BBC news! I have time frame in which to comment! But yes poptastically mental indeed!

  • chris mouland

    Michael Jackson’s connection with Pepsi was strong through the early 80s and 90s. Stronger than any other star they’ve partnered with as far as I know – he did about 8 TV promos for them across that period, plus they sponsored his world tour. That’s a damn good reason to push out these ‘King of Pop’ cans IMO. The new cans are already on sale in Asia.
    Why not Thriller? Well, they DID promote the ‘Thriller 25’ album via their SoBe Water campaign a few years ago, including a high profile Superbowl TV spot. That’s another connection.

    Seems to me you just don’t like Michael Jackson (and probably not Pepsi either). That’s fine.

  • fahad alsaleh

    first of all, an article like yours does not even merit a response if only for the fact that its more of a hate letter than a news article and thats not what reporting and journalism is all about. second i got confused when you pointed out that they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of bad then you asked why bad ??!!?? also if mj’s albums are terrible then it only means one of two possibilities which is either they are not of your taste which is ok or your only being hateful of person who passed away which is not something to be shared here because thats something you keep to urself or to be shared on a different kind of website ( probably a forum ) or at least in the comment section below. you report about a company using a dead persons name and/or likeness as a bad thing and ur doing worse by being tasteless and irresponsible and disrespectful in ur writing. 

    i urge anyone reading this not to post any further comments so that we dont give this any more attention.