Aussies prefer facebook to sex

More Aussies are decreasing social media usage according to the survey and doing other things....

Aussies really do prefer social email to sex and are completely addicted to it – social media that is not sex……according to a new survey. The survey revealed that some Australians will stop whatever it is they are doing – even sex – to respond to a Facebook update or a tweet. That’s very sad.

Tick Yes, the social media specialist behind the survey and conducted by Nine Rewards also found that 80% of Aussies do not use social media to connect with brands despite all the marketing money thrown at it. 80% do not connect with your brand on social media. Think about that before you spend the next million on facebook as Pepsi found to their cost

Highlights of the survey include:

  • Facebook is the most popular site, visited by 85.5% of people, YouTube is next at 57.7%
  • 25.1% of people use social media for business networking, with men almost as twice as likely as women to network this way – mostly Linked in I would guess as facebook is difficult to do serious business on
  • 20.28% use social media to connect with brands, 80% do not
  • 56% of those people are women, with most aged in their 20?s and 30?s – older people don’t then?
  • 48.2% use social media to talk about a new purchase (56% of them women) – not always positively, the survey doesn’t say which way

    Aussie on social media and not connecting with your brand according to the survey

  • 25.5% have used social media to contact a company for customer service or to ask a question – how many of these are complaints the survey doesn’t say
  • 48.7% of people say their social media usage has increased in the last year which means that 51% of people’s social media usage has actually decreased
  • 51.6% access social media at work – remember that when people complain that they are overworked…..
  • 41.9% while watching TV
  • 34% on holiday, 33.8% in bed, 23.3% during meals – all three clearly say something about the company they are with (or maybe they are all by themselves…..)
  • 14.8% while shopping
  • 21.5% in the bathroom – urgh I hope that is the bath or the shower!
  • 3.2% in a place of worship – some would say they are worshipping a different god
  • 2.8% (64% of them men) ‘during intimate moments’ – very sad….
  • 4.9% of people admit to being ‘addicted’ to social media, while 31.3% spend at least two hours a day on it 47.3% access social media through mobile technology

    Aussie females on the look our for a life and a new non tweeting during sex partner.......

    Another way of looking at these stats is that men clearly need to get a better sexual partner if they are  stopping during sex to answer a tweet or look at a facebook update…what does that say about Aussie girls and gay guys?

    Also if 42% of people are using social media while watching TV they are not paying attention to TV adverts.

    So in summary, less Aussies are using social media, hardly any of them are connecting with brands this way and people need to get out more and get a real life and not a virtual one and leave their facebook behind……..

    • paul c-c

      Based on a sample size of 885 18-70+ year olds! Chris,I can understand why the 70 yr olds prefer fb to sex.