Australia‘s mixed brand reputation shows room for improvement

Stunning Melbourne advances Australia's strong reputation

Australia has the strongest reputation in the world as a beautiful country with an appealing lifestyle. But it is seen as a laggard for technology, culture and brands, according to a survey of 42,000 residents in G8 countries by AMR.

Overall, Australia has the third strongest reputation, behind Sweden and Canada – which came top. But for brands and innovation, Australia came 15th – the top three were Japan, Germany and the US. New Zealand ranked fifth overall. The US were halfway down with their friends Iran and Iraq coming bottom (I’m sure Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Afghanistan weren’t too far ahead of them!).

In terms of self-image, Ausssies and residents of New Zealand see themselves more positively than any other nation in the world. So they don’t lack for confidence and pride in their country then! Australia is in fact considered to be the most reputable country in the world by residents of the USA and Canada where they have always shared a strong bond.

Greek men too busy rioting to contemplate their country's low self image.......

Residents of Greece are the most self-critical, coming in last among the countries polled on self image….. although many of them were out on the golf course, beach and bar when called having retired at the age of 52…….or at their local riot….

  • Timmons Smith