Amy Winehouse: more successful DEAD than ALIVE? Why is that?

Amy Winehouse has four of the top ten albums in the iTunes top 10 (despite only actually having 2 albums released, one is a double album, one a deluxe). All because she died. She had none in the top 10 last week. I’m not actually saying that she is better off dead, i’m merely asking why from a marketing point of view she is more popular after she died than before her inevitable early death.

is her music better now that she is dead?

It’s the greatest marketing strategy of any music star. Michael Jackson’s estate is still rolling in it ten times more since he died than when he was alive.

What makes people buy something from someone and value what they did more just because they have died? If they didn’t buy Winehouse’s music when she was alive why are they buying it just because she has died? Guilt? Peer pressure? Fear of missing out?

It’s not as though you won’t be able to get her music in the future. It will always be around and undoubtely be cynically repackaged by the record company and they will new music never intended to be released and marketed as if it’s the greatest music on earth as has happened with Elivis, Queen, Jackson and more.  So why do people rush out to buy music as soon as someone has died? Why is Winehouse more popular after she has died than when she was alive and would clearly have appreciated it more…?

  • Johanna Lowe

    People usually work over stuff following death; memories, look at photographs, play songs.  It’s really not that unusual.   Your cynicism is rather out of place, let the woman be, the loss of her is worth mourning.