With the news that for the first time facebook’s ratings are on the slide in the North American market does this mean that this is the beginning of the end? Should they quickly get their IPO up and running before these lose their sparkle?

Are they about to become another MySpace? As a client said to me the other day, “my 13 year old daughter is already passed facebook and onto the next cool thing. Once her and her friend’s mum’s are using it more than the kids you know it’s no longer the in thing”.

He has a point. I am proud to say that I have never and never will have a facebook account, it’s now become a badge of honour in the face of a sheep like mentality from the rest of the world. But am I actually ahead of the game now? A friend of mine logged in to her facebook account and then Tripadvisor and suddenly all her friend’s travelling details and preferences are all over the tripadvisor site. It was completely intrusive and very annoying.

She didn’t care where they’d all stayed and where they had been and certainly didn’t want to stay at the same hotel as them or let them know when and where she was going, why would she when the holiday she was planning had nothing to do with them? Not only that but her facebook updates then rolled onto the Tripadvisor site in the site itself. Why?

If you’re on Tripadvisor you don’t care about your friends updates you want to look for travel information! Are people really that sad that they can’t bear to be away from their updates for a few minutes? When facebook starts irritating and not enhancing lives as many people claim and when 13 year old girls no longer think it’s cool and are using other platforms to connect with their friends can we be the first to say that this is the beginning of the end for facebook?