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Will the rest of the world follow Australia in giving up drink sponsors?

Alcohol is the new cigarette when it comes to sponsorship. Questions about the connection are being asked more and more. I am sure that fast food will be next.

A recent Australian survey found that sporting clubs and the wider community have much to gain from breaking the ties between alcohol and sporting sponsorships. As well as gains in reducing alcohol related harm benefits include increased community participation in sporting clubs and more money generated by clubs.

Burger King’s new BOMB campaign blows up and shows a lack of taste

Burger King has always had a terrible reputation for creative. Their new advert damages the brand yet further and stretches the limits of taste to the limit.

In the context of North Korea and South Korea/The United States of America’s nuclear sabre rattling Burger King have decided to create this advert.

Johnnie Walker’s Asian Voyage of Marketing Discovery

Diageo’s Johnnie Walker brand have come up with some very innovative marketing solutions outside of bars and supermarkets to promote their newly created premium brands. This in turn has helped Johnnie Walker become more premium generic brand

One great example of this is the John Walker and Sons Voyager adventure.

Singapore IKEA show’s its balls

I came across the enclosed advert in Singapore’s Today newspaper and couldn’t stop laughing

Ikea Singapore have taken the horsemeat scare seriously but they have done it in a very funny way and turned into a sales opportunity as well as a record breaking social engagement.

Singapore’s design for the top

Singapore is at the cutting edge of retail and hotel design and is demonstrating that the once criticised city state is now coming to the fore.

Brands are being allowed to exploit unique opportunities within Singapore by showcasing new outlets with new designs by established designers and innovative architects. You can see the changing face of how Singapore is putting design at the centre of it’s tourism marketing all over the island.

A great example of this is the new Park Royal Hotel on Pickering. The design is so innovative and different from other Park Royals that the management have inaugurated it as the first of the “Park Royal Hotels Collection” brand. Interestingly this was not the original intention. It only happened after the hotel was born. The design has inspired them.

Keeping your customers APPY

Customer service has now irrevocably changed from call centres to apps. More and more people demand instant information rather than a distant security obsessed call centres who probably can’t help you anyway!

Instant customer feedback, transactional changes, information on the go is the new customer service that people expect. Unfortunately this is not available from a call centre. Only an app can give you this.

In a recent survey by Nuance Communications for example more half of Australians (2nd highest penetration of smartphones in the world behind Singapore) preferred to access customer service information through an app rather than a call centre.

A Good Valentine’s Day to Drive Hard

Die Hard is by my estimation (and that of Dara O’briain amongst others) the greatest Christmas movie ever!

So it makes total sense to launch the latest in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine’s Day…..(that traditional commercial day for couples who forgot to love each other for the rest of the year and think one day will make it all right….).

Chinese New Year of the Snake hisses with marketing campaigns galore

snakeIt’s that time of the year again when a third of the world’s population celebrates the biggest single event of the year, Chinese New Year (CNY) or Lunar New Year as it’s often called.

It’s also that time of the year when the other two thirds are largely oblivious of it……

Mobile marketing goes beyond mobile advertising

Ebay recently decided to stop advertising inside its own apps claiming that “they didn’t need the money” and that it was “spoiling the user experience”. Now there’s a brand that are ahead of the game and realise that the short term benefit of quick revenues could outweigh the long term benefits of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Many brands and media agencies seem to think that a mobile marketing strategy just involves advertising. I have news from them, it’s unlikely that it actually includes much if any mobile advertising. Mobile is more sophisticated than that.

Where Singapore leads on mobile the world follows

Singapore has the greatest penetration of smartphones in the world, 90% of the 5.3 population according to the MMA, 92% according to Flurry. 2nd is Australia with 70%. Countries like the UK and America have only just passed 50% amongst the general population, over 70% amongst 15-65 year olds.

Singaporeans are mad about technology and the latest gadgets. They happily form queues for the latest ipad and the latest Samsung Note or Galaxy smartphone. Interestingly it’s this surge towards the Asian brand Samsung over the US brand Apple which could spell doom for the Steve Jobs-less mega giant as Singapore appears to set the trend the rest of the world follows….